Monday, March 10, 2014

New Address...

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Spring Outfit Obsessions - J.Crew Factory

This Spring there is such a variety of outfit inspiration out there... The great news is, that for gals and guys on a budget - like me ahem - can find inspiration AND buy the clothes right on J.Crew!!

Have a great week! Happy Monday! 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Paris Fashion Week Street Style Favorite Looks

Paris Fashion Week ended on Wednesday March 5, but the street style looks will live on in my mind/on pinterest... Here are some of my favs.

 all images via Lucky Magazine

XO Lucy

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Randoms Wednesday Inspiration... AKA Hump Day!

  • I love wearing my glasses... But I do need new ones, I am seeing a lot more women embracing their "geek chic" life and wearing their glasses!
Geek Chic glasses makeup

A fabulous frames guide

Geek chic

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  • During this time of year, when the seasons are starting to change, I feel in a bit of a rut so I always think of changing up my style... Even though minimalism is something I love, a little girlier version is a welcome change to too much glitz...
How to pack in just a carryon! - Travel Light: 10 Days in Miami, Florida

{ All black }

i love the style of women who are scandinavian... they always look so cool and put together... inspired!
by Stockholm Street Style


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  • Some quotes are inspiring me lately...

it matters


happy beginnings and good endings.

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  • Looking at images of Paris is wetting my appetite for travel... Can't WAIT for summer 2015!!!
Rue De L’abreuvoir, Montmartre, Paris

Pont des Arts,Paris

La Galcante, librairie spécialisée en presse ancienne | Paris

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  • Love this hair...
apparently its "good style" for girls messy buns on there head so far forward you cant tell if its hair a weird growth coming out of their forehead. so i am posting this to show everyone how to do a classy, cute bun for those lazy days

Have a great rest of the week! XO Lucy

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Travel Time!

in a little less than a month i am going to be visiting my best friend in North Carolina...
now, don't get me wrong... i LOVE traveling... especially the planning process of packing and making lists... i love it so much! but what i don't like is traveling to a place with uneasy weather...
this is what the weather report looks like for when i'm there...

kind of all over the place right? well at least i know i will probably freeze in the evening... (i am a BIT dramatic, but i do live in Southern California after all)... so here is my packing list...

Spring Time in NC!

  • i try and stick to a mute color palate and then spice it up with touches of pink... everywhere... 
  • my plan is to bring two purses, one small and one medium sized... 
  • i always ALWAYS ALWAYS prefer to travel with just a carry-on. always. 
  • i am going to ship some things that i wont need till im there (shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, root pump, and contact lens solution... because of those darn TSA regulations
  • i make sure to increase my accessory options... thats the easiest way to spice up an outfit...
  • i carry my jacket. this is one of the biggest things... super helpful!
  • even though i like a lot of options for what i wear, i prefer to bring just about an equal amount of tops and bottoms...
  • i make three lists
    • my itinerary: the day i leave, the day i get back, and anything to prep for the trip
    • outfits: if one item is only being worn one time... out! i also take pictures of outfits to make sure i'm not wasting space by bringing anything extra
    • packing list: i put every. little. thing. on that list! nothing escapes it! it makes packing everything up so much easier!
well if you are traveling soon, let me know! i love listening to where people are going and what they will be doing there! happy thursday!


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Things that Inspire - Via Pinterest

sometimes in life we just need a little bit of loveliness, in the form of stimulation and inspiration...
so quickly here are some little tidbits that i read on pinterest that i really loved...
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Take Chances


be grateful.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


lately my outfit decisions have been a little drab - a lot of jeans and tee's - because of school/studying/life you name it... but i am SO inspired by these outfits... the colors of Spring are bright in my mind and i can't wait till the days are warm enough to ditch the layers... being that i live in California, there isn't much to complain about weather-wise... but we are wearing scarves and jackets right now!

T Shirt Zara, Skirt Anthropologie, Sandals Madewell, Purse Miu Miu, Sunglasses Dior

can i have her hair too while we are at it?

Hackwith Design House Laite Top

spring florals and denim

Collar necklace.

radiant orchid & leopard

Navy blue midi skirt...

i want to dress up and go somewhere! - Vegas maybe?
Kate Spade NY:: RTW Autumn/Winter 2013 – 2014

// until the weather warms up permanently, i'm inspired right now too //
Minimal + Chic | @CO DE + / F_ORM

Street Style: London Fashion Week F/W 2014

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hope everyone has a great rest of the week!
happy wednesday!